Diamond Princess Critic Says Tokyo Olympics Should Be Halted - New York Times(March 19, 2020)


TOKYO — The Japanese doctor who created a media firestorm with videos criticizing the quarantine of a coronavirus-stricken cruise ship said he now believes the Tokyo 2020 Olympics should not go on.

Kentaro Iwata, a professor of infectious disease at Kobe University, said on his blog on Thursday that it's not clear that the outbreak in Japan will have subsided by the planned start of the Games in July. Also, the flood of foreign visitors could exacerbate the spread of the disease, known as COVID-19.




で、日本での発生が7月に予定されている競技大会の開始によって落ち着いたかどうかは不明だと述べた。 また、外国人訪問者の洪水は、COVID-19として知られる病気のdisease延を悪化させる可能性があります。